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Determination.Dedication.Discipline. My 12-Week Journey II

August 21, 2017

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She believed she could, so she did: My 12-Week Journey

August 8, 2017

As a health coach with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I encourage and challenge my clients in many ways. As a yoga teacher, I remind my students that they have everything they need to do whatever it is they want to do. As a 'trainer at heart' I motivate others with enthusiasm to stay on track with discipline that brings honor and structure for true freedom. 


A little over 12 weeks ago, I decided to take my own advice.  Sitting on the beach with my husband, Danny, one afternoon in early May, I mentioned to him that I found a show I’d like to be ready for in 12 weeks.  I’m not sure if it was his words, “I’m in!”, or the smile on his face that ignited my inner flame.  At that moment, I knew I was committed to the dream. 


My decision to compete was like coming full circle for me.  My first competition was in 2000.  I won the title Ms. Dothan and light weight division body builder champion.  I competed again in 2005 in Florida and won the light weight division.  This time I chose the bikini division which focuses more on overall body tone and presentation.  I knew as a body builder turned yogi, this category was more fitting. One of the many lessons I learned from my father was there is subtle power in being ‘low key’. Remembering this, and as a gift to myself, I chose to respect temperance by keeping my journey discreet. My goal was to move my fitness to a new level with hopes of inspiring other women to take action. 


Setting my intention to ‘do it’ differently this time, I made small changes along the way that kept me motivated by steady results.  Staying in the moment  with focus on my goal, I used the tools I have acquired in my journey with persistent belief and gratitude.  I look forward to sharing what I learned in upcoming blog posts. I challenge each of you to set your goals without attachment and be ready for results. Trust your gut, follow your heart and take a leap of faith! Simply make a decision and do it! Your true self awaits! 

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