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Determination.Dedication.Discipline. My 12-Week Journey II

August 21, 2017

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It's all about Energy: My 12 week journey

August 14, 2017


This morning I checked my journal and the first entry for my 12 week journey was exactly 3 months ago, May 15, 2017. Journaling is a tool that keeps me grounded, focused and true.  I also use it as a teacher sometimes looking back to be reminded of what works for me.  


The first four weeks of my 12-week journey,  I focused on consistent exercise. My weekly training included cardio six days out of seven and four to five workouts at the gym. Spinning® at least two days a week building up to three was key in improving my endurance, cardiovascular health and leg strength. The playlists in Spin® are fun, motivating and inspiring. Somehow with a certain goal in mind, the lyrics come alive and fuel me! The energy I feel from the people who are drawn to Spin® aligns with my personal intention and passion. We sweat puddles, we laugh, we work hard and have a blast! I am so grateful for our instructors at MH Yoga Health Studio, their dedication and creativity.


In addition to Spinning® and lifting, I cross trained on the road with running meditation.  I like to run outdoors with focus on gratitude for my health and ability to move my body.

My husband Danny and I  spent a lot of time at the beach the first month of my 12-week journey.  During one of my morning runs, I tripped and fell on the gravel road.  I got right up, wiped off, took a deep breath and kept running. I stopped once to wash off my scraped hands and knee in a sprinkler. I took a photo after my run feeling blessed by the minor injury. The scrape healed in a few weeks and the scar serves as a reminder. It reminds me that it's not about falling, it's having the strength and courage to get back up and keep running. 



During the first month of my 12-week journey, my workouts at the gym became more and more exciting.  I trained Monday, Wednesday and Friday after Spin®and Tuesday and Thursday afternoons after teaching yoga in the morning.  I always looked forward to going to Xtreme Health & Fitness because of the energy of the people and the way I felt during and after my workouts.  I performed exercises I knew worked for my body from experience & incorporated a few new exercises I learned from other talented trainers. Although we spent time at the beach, I did not let that interfere with lifting weights. I went to Sequence Gym in Panama City Beach, FL and enjoyed the stimulation of diversity. 


It is so important to keep moving your body. As a health coach, I remind my clients that exercise is one of the 'primary foods' we absolutely need.  I often hear a wide range of 'obstacles' they perceive and I remind each client that it is important to make exercise a priority. A key piece of the fitness puzzle is to sweat 20 minutes every day. After the first 4 weeks of my 12 week journey, I noticed significant improvements from consistent Spinning®, running and lifting weights.  Working out also helps keep nutrition in check.  It feels so good when you know your body is using what you eat for steady energy and to build strength.  Exercise and proper nutrition turn the body into a fat burning machine. Love your body and it will respond lovingly.  Remember, it feels amazing to be energized, inspired and lean! 





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