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Determination.Dedication.Discipline. My 12-Week Journey II

August 21, 2017

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So what, now what? My 12-Week Journey (Part 4 of 4)

September 5, 2017






This is the 4th post and wrap-up to my 12-week journey. As I entered the 8th week, I realized I needed to tighten up my nutrition even more for personal success.  It just so happened to be the week of July 4th, our family vacation at the beach.  With my workouts on track and food choices clean, there was a piece of the puzzle to apply in order to be stage-ready lean.  It was time to 'sideline' the occasional sunset 'wine time' for optimal results. No excuses. No cheats. 28-day phase 3...ready. set. go!

I firmly believe that small changes make a big difference in reaching a goal.  Although I do enjoy a fine glass of pinot gris, it was in no way a wise choice for me at this time. Alcohol in any form is a sugar source and confuses hormonal and insulin balance. The liver must process empty calories and detoxify the body before it can burn stored fat. It also effects workout productivity by compromising fast twitch muscle strength. Staying consistent with 'no vino for me', MH workouts, nutrition and rest were key as I moved closer to show week. 


The way I felt standing on stage seeing my husband Danny, son Paul, and niece Sydney smiling and cheering for me was a definite highlight that I will forever cherish. 'Remember to remember who you are and what works for you'. This 12-week journey was an experience that reminded me how much I love to train, how my body responds to consistent discipline and how good a workout makes me feel. It also affirmed my commitment to encourage myself as I encourage others and stay persistent with my dreams.  


I got my discipline from my dad and felt the strength of his spiritual support during this blip in time as I do every day. I am grateful for the opportunity this short, significant journey provided me to connect with like-minded people in a familiar, yet new way. Stay in spirit and the focus will stay, and the energy will grow.


What's next? I will continue to do what I do with passion and purpose, live as I teach, and challenge myself to inspire by action. Trust your gut, follow your heart and shine bright. :)


Always, MH



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