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Determination.Dedication.Discipline. My 12-Week Journey II

August 21, 2017

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5 Tips to Staying Consistent

September 3, 2018


For those of you that step on the scale every morning (or a few times a day) this post may speak to you. If you are someone who doesn’t own a scale and you measure your weight by the way your clothes fit and how you feel, this post may profoundly resonate with you. 


Yesterday, for some reason, I decided to weigh and measure myself realizing I hadn’t stepped on the scale in over a year. I was pleasantly surprised to see that my body fat and weight were both down a couple of points and pounds.  I think women are incorrectly ‘told’ that as we get older, the scale inevitably goes up and the waistline will grow. 


Keeping lean and fit past age 45 can sometimes seem challenging but it is really quite simple with a few tricks of the trade. I thought I’d share some basics

that work well for me. All it takes is focus, desire and commitment.


Here are the Top 5 Tips that work for me:


  1. Hydrate throughout the day starting first thing in the morning. I suggest 8-12 oz. water with 1/2 organic lemon.  As far as the amount to drink daily, it varies  according to your body mass and activity. A good rule I abide by is to get in at least 96 oz. per day. 


2.  Move your body. Move your body. Move your body.


3. Breathe deeply whether during a yoga practice or mindful meditation/devotion.


4. Eat clean food. When we crave sugar, we are usually deficient in healthy fats. Fat for fuel is a brilliant, effective source of steady energy. When we crave salt, we usually need minerals. I often suggest to my health coaching clients my favorite, Organic Girl® Supergreens. A handful a day crowds out a handful of chips. ;)


5. Stay inspired and engaged with friendships and like-minded people that motivate and encourage you to live well and be the best version of you!

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